This Girl Crushed The Spinning ‘Devil’s Wheel’ At Oktoberfest And Was The Last Person Standing After All The Drunks Flew Off

Oktoberfest Girls

Werner Heiber / Pixabay

Oktoberfest in Germany is the biggest and best annual drinking festival in the world. There are plenty of other great festivals like Brazil’s Carnival and St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland but none of them run THREE WEEKS LONG like Oktoberfest in Germany (9/12-10/06 this year).

In addition to guys dressing up in Lederhosen (or Kniebundhosen) and the women donning their finest Dirndl dresses for Oktoberfest, one of the greatest traditions is the ‘Devil’s Wheel‘ in Munich. The Devil’s Wheel first popped up on my radar two years ago and it looked just as awesome then as it does today.

The Devil’s Wheel is a spinning ride without handles that increases its intensity until everyone goes flying off the ride. The goal is to be the last person sitting on the Devil’s Wheel and unless you are the person sitting in the direct middle of the ride you pretty much have no shot in hell at staying on unless you’re able to wiggle your way to the middle before it’s too late.

This girl straight up dominated The Devil’s Wheel in Munich on week(end) 1 of Oktoberfest and this video has started to trend on YouTube/Reddit so I figured I’d share it with you gentlemen today just in case any of you are planning an Oktoberfest trip in the future. Make sure you don’t miss this spectacle.

There are other obstacles on The Devil’s Wheel like a heavy ball that floats down from the sky and bops them on the head to knock them out of position. There’s also a lasso/rope that seems like an INSANE hazard that could lead to choking in an instant but I’m sure they signed a waiver, right? And a big shout out to this girl for dominating The Devil’s Wheel:

Without that dress, there was no way they were taking her down. If she was out there in athleisure clothing she could’ve fought off those ropes and foaming balls forever, at least until she was exhausted.

Looking for some more action from The Devil’s Wheel? Follow that link and check out the year’s past.

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