The Best Drinking Game Of 2019 Is Getting An Upgrade For 2020, So Drink Up!

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Imagine if we as members of a civilized society were still using ferns as toilet paper and traveling by horse and carriage and wearing jean cargo shorts. Can you imagine the mayhem? I wouldn’t wish that backwards madness on my worst enemy.

Human ingenuity has contributed to unimaginable advancements in nearly every aspect of life, every aspect except for one. Yes, you guessed it my internet friend: drinking games.

Flip cup. Beer Pong. Kings. Girls Leave The Party And Never Come Back. Rinse and repeat.

The folks at Dicey have done God’s work by doing something that should have been done long ago: brought some soul into a dormant industry.


For the unenlightened, Dicey is a collection of 83 drinking mini-games split into four different card categories: Group Play (your entire group plays the card), Face Off (one-on-one competition), Rules (think Kings), and Wildcard (pure and utter mayhem).



Simply roll the die to find out what card to draw and moments like this are born:

For the already enlightened, there’s some meat on this bone for you too.

2020’s ultimate drinking game is pushing ahead of the competition even more, adding:

  • new games
  • waterproof cards
  • a new app that makes gameplay more seamless and accessible

There is a time and a place for the classics. Beer pong and flip cup has survived the test of time for a reason.

But for those times when the cold ones are slapping nicer and you’re looking for an inclusive game to turn up to before you pass out on the coffee table, look no further.



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