The Dictionary Defined ‘Key Bumps’ After It Started Trending And The Lock Picking Community Wanted A Word

Dictionary Defines Key Bumps, Not To Be Confused With Bump Keys

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  • The phrase ‘key bumps’ was trending this week so the Merriam-Webster Dictionary shared their definition of the term
  • Key Bump is not to be confused with Bump Key, something the lock picking community wanted everyone to know after Key Bump started trending
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If you didn’t know the phrase ‘key bumps’ before this week then chances are you are a person who has spent time around illicit drugs. As ‘key bumps’ started trending on Twitter on Wednesday, it became apparent that the vast majority of people who know that phrase are people who have been around or done key bumps. And people who have never been around it are very likely to not know that phrase.

To clear things up, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary hopped on Twitter to share their definition of what a ‘key bump’ refers to in the context of why it was trending. I’ve shared their tweets just below so you can see the official dictionary definition for ‘key bump’ but what I found most funny about this situation is the lock picking community getting involved.

The lock picking community wants everyone to know that ‘Key Bumps’ and ‘Bump Keys’ are very different things. Bump keys are a tool used to pick locks, apparently. I had no idea. But we’re all here to learn, aren’t we?

The Dictionary Defines Key Bumps as…

Not to be confused with Bump Keys!

I can’t tell you where I first heard the term ‘key bumps’ because I honestly don’t remember. I thought it was Jenny in Forrest Gump but I looked it up and that’s not right. Then I thought maybe it was Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction but she used a dollar bill. Either way, I’m pretty sure I learned about it from pop culture at some point in my life.

How To Use A Bump Key

A ‘bump key’ is a device used to break open spring locks. I’m not sure it’s a term I’ve heard before. Bump keys are using in ‘lock bumping’ which is a specific type of lock picking for opening a ‘pin tumbler lock’. When people talk about bump keys being used in illicit activities it’s because lock bumping is often used in burglaries and doesn’t leave any sign of forced entry (like breaking a window). You can read up on ‘lock bumping’ here if you are interested in that.

There’s also this video on how to use a bump key, for anyone who wants to learn more:

Is there any overlap between Key Bumps and Bump Keys?

I don’t have any concrete evidence that anyone has ever used a bump key to do key bumps. But with that said, I’d be willing to bet the farm that someone throughout history has done it. It’s a joke that writes itself and surely someone with a bump key at some point was like ‘you know what we should do with this cocaine in front of us? Some bump key key bumps…’