Dierks Bentley Shares The Painful Story Of Why He’ll Never Wear Cowboy Boots Again

Dierks Bentley

YouTube / Fallon

Wearing cowboy boots on stage is just part of life if you’re a Country Music superstar. You wear jeans, boots, a brown leather belt that probably features a prominent belt buckle, either a button-down flannel shirt or a designer t-shirt, and a cowboy hat/trucker hat. This is the standard outfit of every successful (male) Country Music superstar….except Dierks Bentley.

Frederick Dierks Bentley shared his story of why he’ll never wear cowboy boots again, and as someone who has blown out the lateral meniscus on my right knee twice, this is definitely a story that resonates with me. Dierks apparently busted the crap out of his knee while trying to look cool on stage during a performance with Kenny Chesney, here’s his story:

Cowboy Boots: The pros are you’ll gain a few extra inches in height. For shorter/average dudes this can be a huge plus if they’ve got that short guy Napoleon complex. The cons are that cowboy boots are generally uncomfortable and rigid as hell until they’re properly broken in and there’s no telling how long that’ll take. The sole on cowboy boots is typically smooth and offers as much traction as a pair of patent leather tuxedo slippers. With the slightest bit of moisture on the ground, it feels like you’re suddenly walking on ice. And, as we just heard from Dierks Bentley, they offer zero cushioning and support. Just typing this out I’ve come to realize how awful cowboy boots are compared to typical leather boots, hiking boots, or working boots.

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