The Directors Of ‘Avengers 4’ Tweeted A Cryptic Image Causing ‘Infinity War’ Fans To Lose Their Minds

Directors Russo Tweeted Infinity War Image

Marvel Studios

Marvel movie fans are an easy bunch to get riled up. Anyone associated with a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie can cause mayhem with the merest hint of something that will be happening in a future film.

Already at a fever pitch trying to find hints in the new Captain Marvel trailer and poster

Marvel fans are primed for what happened when Infinity War directors, the Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe, tweeted an image that many on the internet think gives away a secret about Avengers 4.

“Look hard…” they wrote. So, this being the internet, many, many people did just that.

Do you see anything?

Because I don’t see anything.

There has to be something in the photo though, right? Or else, why tweet it with that message? Is it the fact that Thanos’ snap erased one of the Russo brothers from our universe? No, that can’t be it.

Give up?

The general consensus, it seems, at least on Twitter, is that all of the props and equipment spell out the title for Avengers 4.

“End Game.” Avengers: End Game.

That would actually make sense. After all, Doctor Strange did say in Infinity War, after handing Thanos the Time Stone, “We’re in the end game, now.”

Then again…


Also, what is this contraption? We’ve seen it twice now.

Damn you, Marvel.