Mad Scientist Creates DIY Mosquito Trap To Kill 8,000 Blood-Suck Skeeters Overnight, And It’s Awesome

This mad scientist just blew my mind with his DIY mosquito trap. I live down in Southwest Florida and my backyard backs up to a lake. We’re balls deep in Summer with afternoon rain storms seven days a week. I have a pretty badass mosquito trap at home (check out my skeeter trap here), but this dude’s DIY setup is next level.

He drops ‘everyone knows’ that mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you exhale when breathing. Which, I’m sure I knew at one point in life but have since forgotten that annoying factoid about mosquitoes, but that’s also the key to his brilliant DIY mosquito trap. Well, it’s the carbon dioxide AND the fans. By setting up fans and using a carbon dioxide source (seltzer water) in the air flow zone, he was able to trap over 8,000 blood-sucking mosquitoes in just two nights.

Will I be going home to try this myself? Probably not, no. But if I were ever spending a few days at a cabin and needed to take extreme measures to deal with the local mosquito population I’d absolutely give this a shot because it’s really not at all complicated to assemble. (h/t DIGG Video)

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