Don Lemon Got Drunk And Reporter Partied With Stoners On A Canni-bus On CNN’s New Year’s Eve Show

by 1 year ago
cnn drunk don lemon


CNN celebrated New Year’s Eve with an intoxicating broadcast that featured Don Lemon getting drunk and one of the network’s correspondents hitting up a “canni-bus” where she partied with stoners. Anderson Cooper was also there as the usual main host with his new co-host Andy Cohen, who replaced Kathy Griffin after she was fired by CNN for her beheaded President Trump “art.” But the main attraction without a doubt is drunk Don Lemon.

You may recall that Don Lemon got hammered last New Year’s Eve off of tequila shots and nearly got his nipple piereced. “People are saying that I’m lit,” Lemon said last year. “Yeah, I’m lit. Who cares?” After pounding a few more tequila shots, Lemon talked about relationships before CNN cut his mic. Lemon was still drinking this NYE but didn’t get to the blackout levels that he did in 2016. Lemon was in New Orleans on NYE with his co-host Brooke Baldwin, who bragged that she has bigger balls than him.

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