CNN News Anchor Gets HAMMERED Off Tequila Shots And Gets A Piercing On Live TV – ‘Yeah, I’m Lit. Who Cares?’

by 2 years ago


Some people thought 2016 was the worst year ever and spent New Year’s Eve getting blitzed in an effort to forget about everything that happened in 2016. One of those people was Don Lemon. And that would be fine, except Don Lemon is a CNN host and he was working on NYE.

More than three hours before midnight, Lemon started guzzling tequila shots at a nightclub in New Orleans while on live television.

“This is way too early to start this,” co-host Brooke Baldwin warned. And she would be correct.

Lemon started singing, which was regrettable, but at least he made an effort to sing unlike Mariah Carey.

The CNN host got drunker and drunker as the night went on and at one point he was ready to get his nipple pierced. His co-host had to physically stop Lemon from taking off his shirt on live TV.

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