Drake Wore An Insane $750,000 Watch To Game 5 That Displays Random Sexual Messages

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Drake has what many in the industry calls “fuck you money.” The Canadian rapper and Toronto Raptors brand ambassador recently flexed by purchasing a $185 million Boeing 767 customized cargo plane that is effectively a mansion that can fly and costs $120,000 just to gas up.

In a more subtle display of opulence, the three-time Grammy winner rocked a $750,000 Richard Mille “69 Tourbillon Erotic” watch to Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Toronto Monday night.

Yes, that’s a modern two-bedroom loft in a Toronto high rise around his wrist.

The “oracle” mechanism was inspired by a Tibetan prayer wheel and it allows random, erotic statements to be presented in the watch face.

Via Page Six:

The top bar can be changed to display statements like, “I want to,” “I need to,” “I long to,” “I lust to,” “I’d love to” and “Let me.” The middle bar adds in the active verbs, such as “explore,” “taste,” “kiss,” “arouse,” “devour” and “caress.” And the bottom bar gets into the specifics: “you tonight,” “your lips,” “your body,” “your nipples,” “your p—y” and “you madly.”

A push-button located at 10 o’clock allows Drake to switch these messages around, and another button at 8 o’clock moves the hands out of the way for easy reading.

Richard Mille



It’s unclear what phrase Drake had locked in during Game 5, but I wouldn’t question the theory that he had Richard Mille customize his watch to say, “I Lust To Caress Kawhi’s Body.”


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