Driver Uses Tow Truck Ramp To Launch Over Highway Like A Stunt Devil (Video)

tow truck on the highway

iStockphoto / FTiare

A woman from Tallahassee, Florida is lucky to be alive after crashing her car at high speeds on the I-84 highway in South Georgia.

First responders were already on sight in response to another accident on the highway when the incident occurred near Valdosta, Georgia. A police officer’s body camera captured the driver using a tow truck’s ramp to launch her car like a daredevil.

The incident is under investigation though it almost certainly wasn’t on purpose. It is hard to imagine a world where the driver intended to launch their car over the tow truck ramp after seeing the footage.

According to WCTV, the car is estimated to have flown 120 feet after launching over the tow truck ramp. Upon landing it crashed into another vehicle, all while bystanders were on the other side of the highway looking on in horror.

The 21-year-old driver survived but did suffer serious injuries and was immediately taken to the South Georgia Medical Center. WCTV‘s report also makes mention of Georgia’s Move Over Law which requires drivers to slow down and move over a lane to give ample space to emergency vehicles.

The video has since gone viral on Twitter. Everyone has offered their two cents.

It is remarkable the person in front of the tow truck didn’t get injured:

This should certainly serve as a reminder to always exercise extreme caution when stopping on the highway. Years ago, I stopped on I-75 north of Gainesville, Florida to help a driver that hydroplaned off the road.

The driver asked me to get their pet out of the back seat and as I was walking back another car came hydroplaning straight into the back of their car as I had to leap into the mud to avoid being hit by either car.