Footage Of A Drone Cruising A Steep Mountain In The Swiss Alps Is Better Than Riding A Roller Coaster

I haven’t had much opportunity to mess around with Virtual Reality Glasses/VR Technology. I think I’ve only really tested out a high-end system once and it was set up to show me what it feels like to stand on the field of the Champions League Final. But, when I think of VR glasses/videos my mind conjures up images of what we see above.

I’m far from an expert in drones. I don’t really know one ultra high-end drone from the next. But if you’re a drone hobbyist and are curious about the specs that went into filming this, here’s a list of equipment the person who filmed this video has listed:

On the ground:
Taranis X9D with Crossfire
Fatshark HD3
Clearview Racing receiver
2x TrueRC X2air antennas

Drone setup
Nracing Katana (stripped down light edition)
Hobbywing 2405 1800Kv
Hobbywing 4in1 esc
TBS Vision+Colibri fc
Crossfire micro receiver
StrixRC Pagoda antenna
Runcam swift 2 fpv camera
Gopro hero 5, recorded on protune flat, 2.7K 60fps
A really old Tattu 4s 2300mAh

I really hope that someone somewhere is converting footage like this into content for virtual reality setups because even though I love the roller coasters at Busch Gardens down the street from me, I’d much rather watch awesome shit like this. Feeling this close to nature and seeing the bare mountain peaks is incredibly, and I can only imagine it would be 100000x better with VR. (h/t Gizmodo Sploid)