You Only Need One Ingredient And 48 Hours To Make A Steak That Tastes Like It’s Been Dry-Aged For Weeks

by 7 months ago
medium rare steak


One of the nicest things about knowing a bunch of people who work in finance is occasionally getting invited to places I normally wouldn’t be allowed in as long as I pretend that I’m a client. I’ve been lucky enough to get the VIP treatment at concerts and sporting events but nothing tops an all-expenses-paid meal at a steakhouse, where I usually spend way too much time staring at the massive amount of beef being dry-aged for people’s consumption.

While you can theoretically age a steak at home, it’s kind of a pain in the ass on top of being a pretty significant investment of your time and money. The process of dry-aging involves letting the meat purposefully mold over the course of a few weeks in order to develop some more complex flavors so I prefer to leave things up to the professionals.

However, a recent culinary discovery has turned the game on its head by promising the same flavor you’d get from a steak that’s normally aged for 45 days in about 48 hours. According to Popular Mechanics, a fungi known as “koji” that has traditionally been used in Japanese cuisine is one of the only things you need to take things to the next level.

All you really have to do is coat the steak in koji and let it chill in your fridge for a couple of days but they put together a video to explain the entire process and the science behind it:

The best part? You can easily pick up some koji on Amazon. Once it’s ready, all you have to do is wash it off the steak, dry off the meat, and then cook it using your method of choice. Eat your heart out, Capitol Grille.

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