Dude Recreates The Movie ‘Up’ And Travels 16 Miles In A Camping Chair Suspended By 100 Balloons

First of all, Up–incredible movie. Moving, suspenseful, enchanting. Right up there with Ratatouille in the category of ‘Most Enjoyable Animated Movies To Get Baked Out Of Your Skull To.’ Made me believe in the power of true love and also that there can be a platonic relationship between an old man and a young Boy Scouter.

With that said, just as I don’t recommend any old man having a relationship with a young Boy Scout, I also wouldn’t encourage anyone to try to fly with a pack of balloons. But, a British man named Tom Morgan traveled nearly 16 miles across the South African countryside in a camping chair suspended by 100 balloons. The dude reached a peak height of 8,000 feet in the air, describing the feeling as “somewhere between terrified and elated,” Fox News reports.

Morgan survived, fortunately. Now for his next stunt: teaching an uncivilized rat how to cool pasta bolognese.

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