These Simple Eating Tips Could Help You Lose 20 Pounds In A Year Without Changing Your Lifestyle


When faced with the prospect of losing weight, our minds typically automate to early wake ups, long runs, eating lots of lettuce, and going to bed sad, only to start it all over the next day. It’s daunting, thus we are paralyzed to start the climb when we know we likely won’t reach the summit. But a little shift in perspective and mindset can help you see the skyscraper for the bricks it was built with. Just like Saving $790,000 in 50 years seems impossible, but when you realize it’s as easy as saving $10 a day, it becomes less suffocating.

Little changes can add up to a substantial result over time, all it takes is a bit of discipline and self-restraint.

I know I ain’t the only one who could shed some excess beer weight without the lifestyle change that comes with dieting and going sober. So I stumbled across this piece by Keri Gans of U.S. News, that approached weight loss at a molecular level. Check out her small changes you can make to lose 20 pounds without really even changing your life.

Once a week, skip the cheese on your hamburger.

Calories saved per year: 5,876

Weight lost per year: 2 pounds

I know, a burger without cheese is like a wedding without music. But it’s a hell of a lot better than doing Cross Fit at 5 am with your buddy Chaz.

Go for a ‘tall’ latte instead of a ‘grande’ once at Starbucks.

Calories saved per year: 32,760

Weight lost per year: 9 pounds

Bonus: You could also save yourself like $500 a year.

Once a week, top your salad with Italian dressing rather than Caesar dressing.

Calories saved per year: 7,696

Weight lost per year: 2 pounds

This is a tough one, because you’re already putting yourself through eating a salad for a meal, but good habits should lead to other good habits.

Twice a week, choose and English muffin instead of a bagel for breakfast

Calories saved per year: 24,960

Weight lost per year: 7 pounds

I eat a bagel every single day. One of those fat New York bagels too. In 5 years, I’m going to go full Professor Klump if I don’t get my shit together.

There you have it bros, quite possibly the laziest possible way to lose 20 pounds in a year.

[h/t U.S. News]