Viewers Stunned To See The Comical Way Brief Nudity Was Edited Out Of The Movie ‘Splash’ By Disney+

Viewers Stunned To See Brief Nudity Edited Out Of Splash By Disney

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Subscribers to Disney+ have had to deal with some unexpected changes to certain TV shows and movies since the streaming service launched back in November.

Song of the South? Not on the service (for obvious reasons).

Lilo & Stitch? You won’t be seeing Lilo hiding in the dryer anymore.

The Simpsons? Not available to stream in the correct 4:3 ratio (but will be soon).

Darryl Hannah’s naked butt scenes in the Tom Hanks mermaid movie Splash? Edited with digital manipulation that makes Henry Cavill’s horrible Justice League mustache-hiding effort look like the Mona Lisa.

That’s right. Disney+ is no place for the naked butt.

Here’s the original scene as it was intended to be viewed.

And here’s how it looks on Disney+.

Here’s another look because lolwut?

Viewers Brief Nudity Edited Out Of Splash By Disney

Touchstone Pictures

Did Disney hire the folks who did the digital work on the movie Cats to edit out buttcracks in Splash?

At least they just cut around Hannah’s bare ass during the Statue of Libery scene rather than do whatever the hell it is they did in the beach scene. (Though for a millisecond you can still see her buttcrack as she hops the fence. SCANDAL!)

On the plus side, the reactions to this piss poor job of editing produced some truly hilarious comments.

Looks like Disney+ still has more work to do.

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