Leaked ‘El Camino’ Photos Hint Walter White Is Coming Back In ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie, Here’s How Heisenberg Could Return

Behind the scenes photos of el camino show walter white returning to the Breaking Bad movie

At first, there was a Breaking Bad movie coming out, then there wasn’t, now there is again, and it will be titled El Camino. Now with only a month before the Breaking Bad movie hits Netflix, behind-the-scenes photos from the set of El Camino have leaked and by the looks of them, it appears that Walter White will be returning.

Breaking Bad movie spoilers ahead.

El Camino will focus on Jesse Pinkman played by Emmy-winning actor Aaron Paul. The official synopsis from Netflix reads: “In the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future.”

The movie based on the incredible AMC TV show that won 16 Primetime Emmy Awards and received 58 nominations. The upcoming movie was believed to have moved past Bryan Cranston’s meth empire-building character Walter White, especially since Heisenberg was thought to have died in the final episode of season 5 from a gunshot wound.

But Walter White may make one last appearance if these leaked photos from the set of El Camino are accurate. Behind-the-scene images from the set of El Camino hint that Walter White is making a comeback… maybe.

Filming for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie has been going on in Albuquerque, New Mexico, since November 2018 under the working title of Greenbrier. A photo of Mr. White and Jesse’s iconic RV from Breaking Bad that they used to make their first batch of crystal blue meth was spotted in Albuquerque and can be seen here. Also shown is a photo of the apartment belonging to Jane Margolis, who rented out to Jesse Pinkman, and they later became boyfriend and girlfriend.

There are also photos from the set of El Camino including Breaking Bad locations and familiar faces. On the set of El Camino, there have been plenty of throwbacks to Breaking Bad, including Mike Ehrmantraut’s car, Pinkman’s old car, an old compound lab, Ed the Disappearer’s vacuum repair shop and there has been filming at the home of Jesse’s parents.

Since there several locations from the Breaking Bad TV show, this opens the door for Walter White to return by appearing in the movie via flashbacks.

In Ozymandias, the antepenultimate episode of the Breaking Bad series, Vince Gilligan used a flashback scene to show Jesse and Walt cooking meth in the RV from when the teacher and student first made drugs together.

If Gilligan used flashbacks in El Camino from Jesse’s mind, that would allow Walter White to come back and it would enable the movie to fill in gaps that maybe the TV show didn’t. Plus, flashbacks would allow Walter White to return without bringing him back from the dead. Unless Walter White didn’t actually die. Hmmm.

El Camino arrives on Netflix on October 11 and then will be available on AMC.


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