Ellen DeGeneres Death Hoax Trending On Twitter Spawns Countless Comical Memes

Ellen DeGeneres Death Hoax On Twitter Spawns Countless Hilarious Memes

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If you have been on Twitter at any point over the past several hours, you may have noticed that the hashtag #RIPEllen has been trending as a death hoax involving talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has gone viral.

The hashtag originally began Monday night when fan of The Ellen DeGeneres Show were upset with rumors being spread that the show may be coming to an end soon.

The New York Post reported that despite the show getting lower ratings than normal it was not in any danger of being cancelled.

Not that numerous people on Twitter were paying attention to that aspect of the trend. They just thought she had suddenly passed away. In fact, one of the rumors being spread even had Ellen reportedly dying after falling off a roof. (I bet her former bodyguard started that one. That or some members of the crew of her show.)

Naturally, as people on social media have been known to do in the past, the heartfelt concern folks had for the well-being of the 62-year-old comedian ended up resulting in an onslaught of comical memes.

Do you really have to ask? Oh, it was rhetorical. There you go.

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