Elon Musk Apologized To SpaceX Employees For Lighting A Blunt On The Joe Rogan Podcast And Nearly Setting The World On Fire

The Joe Rogan Experience

On the most downloaded episode ever of the most popular podcast on the planet, Elon Musk inhaled what was arguably the most expensive hit of the devil’s lettuce in the history of mankind.

During the September 2018 episode, the SpaceX & Tesla founder puffed one of Joe Rogan’s blunts, a puff that caused Tesla stock to dip 9%, the U.S. Air Force to open up and investigation, and U.S. taxpayers to shell out $5 million in a mandatory review of workplace culture inside SpaceX.

In conjunction with the mandated review of workplace culture inside SpaceX, Elon Musk reportedly issued an internal apology to SpaceX’s thousands of employees.

In the email obtained by the Washington Post, Musk told employees that “it was not wise” to smoke wacky tobaccy with the host and affirmed that the company “maintains a drug-free workplace.”

“SpaceX personnel may not use or posses any controlled substance while in the workplace, and also may not be under the influence of legal or illegal drugs while at work,” Musk wrote in the email. “Anyone who appears to be inebriated or under the influence while at work is subject to drug testing and potentially other employment actions.”

In five years when companies are infusing THC in juice boxes for kids to suck down at lunch, we’re going to look back on the fallout from Musk taking a small puff of a substance that is already legal and wonder how we were such little bitches about it.

Blaze on, you weird genius bastard. Blaze on…

[h/t Washington Post]

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