Elon Musk Laughs At Himself After Getting Roasted Over Embarrassing Pale And Shirtless Meme Pic

Elon Musk Laughs At Himself After Getting Roasted Over Embarrassing Pale And Shirtless Meme Pic

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It’s been a WEEK for Elon Musk. Tesla stocks rallied on Wednesday after earnings beat Wall Street’s expectations which is fine and dandy for the world’s wealthiest man, Elon Musk.

Prior to that, Elon was getting roasted to a crisp over a shirtless picture from his luxurious vacation in Europe. Elon was seen toweling off aboard a yacht in Mykonos in the South Aegean Sea. It’s a region home to some of the clearest and most stunning sapphire blue waters on the planet.

And those colors did absolutely nothing to help Elon Musk’s pale skin radiating the color of snow. And I feel comfortable saying that because I might be paler than him at any given time of the year. The Internet saw the picture of Elon Musk with Ari Emanuel, the CEO of Endeavor (owner of UFC), and it quickly got turned into a meme.

After a few days of getting roasted by the entire Internet, Elon Musk decided to join in on the fun. He said it’s now giving him the motivation to get in better shape and he shared a video tagged as ‘Just Billionaire Things’ about the unfortunate photographs.

Elon Musk Shirtless Meme Becomes ‘Just Billionaire Things’ Video, He Responds To The Joke

Do we really need to give this man any more motivation to improve himself? Is the Elon Musk shirtless meme somehow going to backfire when he triples down and lives to 200-years-old??

Elon shared a pretty good ‘Just Billionaire Things’ video of his shirtless meme. You can see it right here on Instagram. I’d share it here but I can’t find those images on Getty so you’ll have to click through to Elon’s Instagram to see it.

Elon’s Fans Make Elon Musk Shirtless Memes In Response…

And thus the Elon Musk shirtless meme isn’t nearly as funny anymore. He embraced it. Let it wash over him. Told the world he was going to get in shape and for him that probably means hiring the best personal trainer on the entire damn planet. Who knows what sort of experimental fitness options are on his plate…