Dude Goes To Extreme Lengths To Find Girl He Accidentally Swiped Left On Tinder

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Shutterstock / Happy Zoe / Shutterstock.com

Have you ever accidentally swiped left on Tinder for a girl you’re actually interested in? It can be a regrettable mistake especially if it is a woman who you would really like to get to know. Usually, you just blurt out an expletive over your mistake and then continue to search for a new lovely lady on the dating app. Not Hayden Moll. The Missouri State University student has sticktoitiveness. He knew that he really messed up by passing up a girl named “Claudia.” So he emailed every girl named “Claudia” at Missouri State University.

Hayden Moll passed up a girl, so he emailed every Claudia at his school with specific details about her Tinder profile. And it worked! The actual Claudia got the email. Claudia Alley posted Hayden’s Cinderella-esque campaign to find her on Twitter and it went viral, notching nearly 20,000 Retweets and over 121,000 Likes in less than two days. Cool, if I mass-emailed women for a date its creepy, but this guy does it and its romantic.

One problem, we still don’t know if Claudia and Hayden made a love connection and if she swiped left or right on him. Let’s hope for Hayden’s sake that his whole email campaign was for naught and at least one of the other 41 Claudias appreciates his go-getter attitude and swipes right on him.