Dude Goes To Extreme Lengths To Find Girl He Accidentally Swiped Left On Tinder

by 1 year ago
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Shutterstock / Happy Zoe / Shutterstock.com

Have you ever accidentally swiped left on Tinder for a girl you’re actually interested in? It can be a regrettable mistake especially if it is a woman who you would really like to get to know. Usually, you just blurt out an expletive over your mistake and then continue to search for a new lovely lady on the dating app. Not Hayden Moll. The Missouri State University student has sticktoitiveness. He knew that he really messed up by passing up a girl named “Claudia.” So he emailed every girl named “Claudia” at Missouri State University.

Hayden Moll passed up a girl, so he emailed every Claudia at his school with specific details about her Tinder profile. And it worked! The actual Claudia got the email. Claudia Alley posted Hayden’s Cinderella-esque campaign to find her on Twitter and it went viral, notching nearly 20,000 Retweets and over 121,000 Likes in less than two days. Cool, if I mass-emailed women for a date its creepy, but this guy does it and its romantic.

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