Spoiler Ban Lifted: ‘Endgame’ Cast, Crew Shared Some A+ Behind-the-Scenes Videos, Pics From The Set

Endgame Cast Shares Behind-the-Scenes Pics, Videos From The Set

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The ban on videos and pictures from behind-the-scenes of Avengers: Endgame has officially been lifted and several of the film’s stars are going all-in sharing new pictures and videos from the set.

Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen, and Robert Downey Jr. all immediately took to social media to share some new goodies with fans of the MCU. (Downey, Olsen, Zoe Saldana, and especially Chris Pratt had already broken the ban a few days early.)

On Instagram, Downey posted a behind-the-scenes video showing himself on set jokingly proclaiming that he should get “no notes” for the scene he’s filming, and if anyone wants to say “cut” during the scene, they should do it to his face.

He also shared a slow-motion look at one of the fight scenes where he says, “It appears #thor aka @chrishemsworth slept like a baby during this take.”

And in another amazing set of photos, Downey posted a swipaable panoramic photo of the entire Infinity War/Endgame cast and crew “fully assembled.”

Speaking Chris Hemsworth, he too shared a video of himself dancing during an on-set lunch with several of his Avengers cast.

Elizabeth Olsen also shared a video with the caption, “Sharing something we shot and later reshot is not a spoiler… right?”


Jeremy Renner shared a video of him getting that dope fauxhawk properly prepped for filming and a photo he calls, “One of the best days on set.”

He also shared a video of the lunch where everyone tells Scarlett Johansson she blew it by not being there.

Endgame directors the Russo brothers shared a cool pic with Hemsworth they captioned, “Day 1 of ‘going for the head’ practice…”

Chris Evans shared some of his behind-the-scenes highlights on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Josh Brolin shared this photo “from this weekend’s Met Gala.”

He wrote, “Yo, just want to shout out to #metgala2019 and my peps who all made it happen. @narrativepr Liz Mahoney and @samanthamcmillen_stylist @kimverbeck and all my hot af really really famous people friends: @mileycyrus (keeping mine in my mouth!) @jaredleto (you can carry my head anytime, brah) @kendalljenner (you gotta stop widdat wild smack talk back talk hack talk sister gimme lipstick comon’) and @versace Thank you for giving me @chrishemsworth suit cuz we the same size and he’s busy losing weight. I got pictures for later from the inside — the things I seen.
Oh, and @marvelstudios thanks for the gauntlet loan out for the night. You people have been straight up tight af. Out. Purple. 😈✊️
・・ #bitchbestraightupwinning #infinityhoes #onehundredandfirstTIMEmag #fortheswagbag #teamthanos.”

Tom Brady is a big fan of the suit, commenting, “Let me borrow that suit in September for a few months… cool?”

Oh, he also posted this video, which was pretty cool too.