People In England Are Very Upset With Norway After Being Gifted A Truly Horrid Christmas Tree

Norway London Christmas Tree Trafalgar Square

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  • A Christmas tree in England has sparked controversy.
  • The tree, gifted by Norway, is not a looker by any means.
  • As a result, the reaction of British folk is rather polarizing.
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Every year, a Christmas tree is felled outside of Oslo and presented to London as a gift of thanks from Norway for Britain’s support during World War Two. This year, however, the British are not particularly grateful.

The tree is horrible looking.

The 78-foot Norwegian spruce is displayed in Trafalgar Square and was lit up on Thursday night. The Lord Mayor of Westminster Andrew Smith and Mayor of Oslo Marianne Borgen helped fell the 80-year-old tree along with schoolchildren on Nov. 16.

Since then, it was transported by Norwegian authorities and propped up for all of London to see. The three has provoked quite a few responses, including demands that it be replaced.

It’s not hard to see why.


The tradition dates back to 1947 and celebrates friendship. It is also a token of gratitude for when the Norwegian royal family took refuge in London during WWII.

It is unclear as to exactly when the damage to the tree took place. Perhaps the damage took place on the 1,731 kilometer journey, because it was not in nearly as bad of shape on the day it came down in Norway.

The tree ceremony took place on Thursday and it ended up looking alright.

At least one person is grateful!

The rest of the responses were not nearly as positive. Some people joked that the tree caught COVID-19. Others said that it was a symbol of British decline.

These are some of the best reactions:

Tt is certainly easy to understand why British folk are up in arms. The tree is not the most lush.