Erin Andrews Puts ‘A–hole’ Reporters Trying To ‘Make A Name’ For Themselves On Blast

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Erin Andrews, and to a slightly lesser extent, Charissa Thompson, have had it with media members trying to make themselves the center of attention and being, as they put it, a–holes, to athletes.

We know this because Andrews went off on reporters “trying to make a name” for themselves by being rude to players on the ladies’ Calm Down podcast this week.

“DISCLAIMER – We are the first ones to admit we are far from perfect and fall short many times in our professional careers,” Andrews and Thompson wrote in the caption to the video on Twitter. “@ErinAndrews is here to get something off her chest regarding her fellow media members.”

Warning: Erin Andrews is big mad about this.

“I need to get this off my chest,” Andrews began her rant, “and say it with your chest.” [No idea what that meant.]

“Do it, girl,” Thompson goaded.

“There have been a few instances or circumstances lately, and also during the year, that I find myself getting on the phone with athletes after they happen.

“You don’t have to be an a–hole,” Andrews explained. “How about this? Stop worrying about trying to make a name for yourself, or be clickbait with these, like, questions that tie these guys down or put them in a bind, or you want to be the person in the press conference. Don’t do that. They’re not animals. They’re not pieces of meat.

“They are human. And I am just… I’m so frustrated with some of the sh-t I’m seeing,” Erin Andrews continued. “I know people out there, they want to make a name for themselves, reporters, and I know they want to kind of stick out. But you don’t stick out. You do stick out in a really bad way when you treat these guys like sh-t.

“Treat them like individuals. It will take you so far, and they will remember that more than the bulls–t, rude a– questions because you need to write your little bit on a blog or your hit for some network that you’re on.

“Don’t treat them like sh-t. It’s not going to help you.”

Charissa Thompson then replied, “There’s zero part of you and I that sit here and be like, ‘we are the best.’

“I mean, I f–k sh-t up all the time. There’s always times that I play Monday morning quarterback about myself. Like, I could have done this better, I could have done this better.

“I don’t pretend to know everything. I just know that being an a–hole doesn’t get you very far in life. So, knock it off!”

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