Need Something To Look Forward To? Here’s A Look At Major Events That Will Happen Before 2050

events that will happen before 2050

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If today’s one of those days that seems to be moving so slow that time has all but stopped then this video is perfect for you. It takes a look into the future and highlights all of the major events on the horizon. Marking events like when the World Cup and Olympics will take place. When new countries are set to be formed. It plots when humans are attempting to go to space, build space stations, and when new space observatories will be completed.

I’ve gone ahead and listed most of the events that the video lists from 2018 to 2025, but if you want to see what’s going down from 2025 to 2050 you’ll just have to watch the video:

— 2 new countries potentially formed in S. Pacific
— Men’s FIFA World Cup held in Russia

— Women’s FIFA World Cup in France
— The U.K. officially leaves the European Union

— Jeddah Tower opens in Saudi Arabia to become the tallest structure in the world
— Summer Olympics in Tokyo
— Construction begins on first ever ‘space hotel’

— India launches their first ever manned space mission

— Men’s FIFA World Cup held in Qatar
— China constructs their first space station
— Winter Olympics hosted in Beijing

— Copyrights on the earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons will expire under U.S. copyright law

— Space X plans on launching their first rocket carrying cargo to Mars
— Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link completed, a direct rail and highway link that connects Northern Germany to Copenhagen

— The largest observatory in the world will be completed, 10x the resolution power of the Hubble Space Telescope
— The United Kingdom will have completely done away with all coal power

Want to see what’s set to happen between 2026 and 2050? Go ahead and watch that video above!

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