Ex-Playmate Who Accused A-Rod Of Asking For Threesomes Is Shamelessly Milking Her 15 Minutes Of Fame

Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

So a story broke a couple weeks ago about an ex-Playmate accusing Alex Rodriguez of sexting her and prodding her for a threesome just weeks before he proposed to J-Lo.

Zoe Gregory, 44, claims Rodriguez began texting her the day after Christmas and asked her for names of “fun girls for [him and me].” The London model, who also moonlights as a porn star named Robbin Banx, alleged that A-Rod showered her with compliments on her curvy figure and 36DD boobs before asking her for “naughty videos” and to have a threesome in San Francisco. He also allegedly sent her a picture of his hog.

Gregory publicly warned Jennifer Lopez that she needs to “wake up” and that she’s dealing with a “dirty dog.”

Welp, it’s looking more and more like Gregory could give a shit less about J-Lo’s heart and more about extending her 15 minutes of fame.

After the news broke, sources close to Rodriguez told Page Six they were laughing off the claims, insisting nobody had any idea who Gregory was and that Rodriguez had never met her.

The model is doubling down on her claims as she will reportedly be doing an X-rated live show online Thursday in which she will be “fielding questions from users who can ask her about her alleged encounters with Alex Rodriguez.” The one-hour online act is for the site CamSoda.

A source close to Rodriguez scoffed at her online show: “I think she’s going for her 16th minute of fame.”

In response to allegations made by Jose Canseco in which he accused Rodriguez of cheating on J-Lo with his wife, Jessica, J-Lo is sticking by her man: “It doesn’t matter. I know what the truth is. I know who [A-Rod] is, he knows who I am. We’re just happy.” She added, “We’re not gonna let other people come out and tell us what our relationship is . . . I know what our relationship is.”

It’s a damn shame someone would be so shameless in their attempt to piggyback off of someone else’s fame. With that said, this cam show is appointment television. I gotta find a way to get rid of my girl for the evening so I can beat it like a battery-drained remote control.

[h/t Page Six]


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