This Facebook Tool Instantly Tells You If Your Data Was Stolen In The Cambridge Analytica Breach

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Mark Zuckerberg is in Washington today to appear on Capitol Hill and he’s expected to tell members of Congress that the Cambridge Analytica data breach was his fault. He’s expected to apologize for the massive breach that involved 87 million Facebook users (71 million Americans) having their data stolen and sold to Cambridge Analytica, data that was later used in the 2018 Presidential Election.

Facebook has been in 24/7 ‘damage control mode’ ever since the Cambridge Analytica story first broke. Yesterday, to assuage the fears of Facebook users who are deleting their accounts by the million, Facebook started sending out notifications to impacted users.

I didn’t receive one of those notifications. Probably because I’ve never found much time to sit around on Facebook and take quizzes. But part of me was still wondering if my data was sold and I wanted a concrete way to know. Today, Facebook has launched a tool that will instantly tell you whether or not your data has been compromised. All you need to do is visit the page while logged into Facebook and it will tell you whether or not your data was stolen by the “This Is Your Digital Life” app. Here’s what it looks like:

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You can access this tool by clicking here to see if your data was stolen. You’ll get an instant answer. With the data of 71 million Facebook users in America stolen I think it’s fair that we all want to know immediately whether or not our data was sold and thanks to this tool we can now receive instant feedback instead of having to wait on Facebook’s customer service which may or may not ever respond to you.

(h/t Mashable)