James Franco And Jimmy Fallon Play NFL Trivia, Loser Gets Gatorade Bath Of Buffalo Sauce

by 3 years ago
Jimmy Fallon NFL trivia

Tonight Show / YouTube

James Franco was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night while the NFL’s Thursday Night Football was taking place down in Atlanta. The Atlanta Falcons just barely beat the Saints (20-17) during the first home game in Atlanta’s new stadium where fans could eat at the Chick-Fil-A inside of the stadium.

Up in NYC, Jimmy Fallon challenged James Franco to a game of ‘Cooler Heads’. The two guys squared off in a match of NFL trivia. If a question was answered correctly then the opponent would have one of the orange Gatorade coolers dumped on their opponent’s head and the cooler would be full of a mystery substance. If they answered the question incorrectly then the cooler got dumped on their own head. I don’t want to give away what was inside of the coolers (other than Buffalo Sauce) but I’ll say that Fallon gets destroyed and Franco gets pretty lucky:

James Franco strikes me as one of those guys who comes off as a stoner/artist but is secretly a diehard NFL fan. Not the type who wears a jersey on Sunday mornings to watch games but I bet he’s obsessively pouring over scores and stats, and has won his Fantasy League with Seth Rogen 4 of the past 5 years.

As for the substance of this video, I believe that all trivia competitions should be played out this way. If there is ever an opportunity to raise the stakes then that opportunity should be seized. Why buzz in and get a question wrong when you can also dump a cooler of Buffalo Sauce on someone’s head and really drive home the point that they’re an ignoramus?

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