WATCH: Figuring Skating Legend Performs To Lil Jon At U.S. Championships

by 3 years ago

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Sweeping Declaration: If every figure skater uses Lil Jon songs for their routines, I’ll become the biggest figure skating fan on earth.

Introducing, Jimmy Ma. The man who skated to Lil Jon:

This isn’t even Jimmy’s first routine to modern music. This year he chose Lil Jon but last year he was tearing up triple axles to an Eminem Medley:

It’s only been in recent history that figure skating got of its high horse and allowed skaters to use songs with lyrics. So, my man Jimmy knew, he must use this opportunity to achieve glory. Jimbo went out there and skated his heart out in a routine set to DJ Snake and Lil Jon.

Pretty excited to have a favorite figure skater. 22 year old American figure skater Jimmy Ma may not be the best but he is a walking, talking, and skating source of awesomeness. The New York Native is a concert pianist in addition to being a competitive skater but more importantly, he’s a certified bro. How do I know?

A. He’s a finance major at Fordham. Not my kinda gig but a classic major for bros.

B. This:

American flag swim trunks? Bro and a half.

As a fan, I pray that Jimmy can tighten up his routine and bring 2000s hip-hop to Beijing 2022. Good luck, bro.

Hey Lil Jon (I know you’re reading this) …do you like figure skating?


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