These Epic Aerial Video Of 4th Of July Fireworks In Los Angeles Are Absolutely Mesmerizing

Los Angeles Fireworks 4th of July

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  • Fireworks are illegal in Los Angeles County but that didn’t stop residents from going crazy on the 4th of July.
  • The air quality after the evening’s displays was a sight to behold.
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There are a few things that the 4th of July just wouldn’t be the same without and fireworks is near the top of that list. Every year, despite public safety concerns in Los Angeles county, thousands of L.A. residents light up the night sky like, well, the 4th of July.

In some ways, the deliberate use of illegal fireworks is even more patriotic. Much like our forefathers, Los Angelenos rebel against the government. Admittedly, that might be a stretch to justify fireworks after . Because they’re awesome.

After a year without gatherings and large celebrations, this year’s display was even more substantial.

The aerial view is mesmerizing, take a look:

We’re not talking sparklers and roman candles. We’re talking full-fledged, big-boom, giant ass fireworks. The view from apartments downtown is insane:

Here are some other videos from around the city:

Most of the southland’s sanctioned firework displays were over by 10:30pm but the displays continued across the area well into the morning.

Insane air quality.

When the evening was (pretty much) over, a cloud of firework smoke covered the city. Air quality in Los Angeles was extremely poor, based solely on the amount of explosives that were set off.

It’s pretty wild.

While the L.A. air is always smoggy, especially after the 4th, the air quality reached a new level in 2021.

To compare, HERE is what it looked like in 2020 and HERE is what it looked like after the Dodgers won the World Series. God Bless America.