The First Day Marijuana Was Legal In California: Long Lines, Jubilation And Weed Menus On iPads

by 1 year ago
marijuana joint

Shutterstock / MWesselPhoto

The Golden State welcomed the green rush on Monday as California officially legalized recreational marijuana. Reefer madness was in full effect as Californians showed up hours before legal marijuana stores opened and waited in long lines to get some of that legit kush. Starting in 2018, California adults 21-years-old and older can possess as much as an ounce and grow up to six plants at home as of Monday. The weed prohibition is over and stoners celebrated by flooding legal pot shops on Monday.

Regulators at the Bureau of Cannabis Control worked through the holiday to try to process 1,400 pending license applications for retail sales, distribution, testing facilities and other businesses before the legalization. The State of California issued roughly 200 state licenses by the end of last week including A Therapeutic Alternative, which has sold medical pot since 2009. At 9 am on Monday, A Therapeutic Alternative opened with a celebratory ribbon-cutting ceremony. “I’m scared, I’m excited, I’m relieved,” Kimberly Cargile, director of the pot shop in Sacramento told Fox Business.