Great White Sharks Return To Cape Cod As Massive Shark Was Filmed Devouring A Seal

great white shark in the water

iStockphoto / ap-images

Cape Cod has become the hottest destination in the Atlantic Ocean for great white shark activity during the Summer in recent years.

The growing seal populations in and around Cape Cod makes for a fertile hunting ground for great white sharks in the North Atlantic. With millions of visitors to Cape Cod each Summer, this has led to an explosion in sightings of these sharks.

Scientists have been able to track white shark movement over the years by affixing GPS trackers to the sharks. They’ve learned that many sharks head south towards Florida throughout the Winter to escape the cold.

Then as Spring turns to Summer, the great white sharks flock back to Cape Cod. And a recent video published by The Cape Lab showed the first great white predation event of the year as a white shark was capture devouring a seal.

The video is also available to watch on Twitter if Instagram is not loading.

This remarkable sighting happened on board a Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch boat. They published several graphic images (blood in the water) of the great white eating the seal just 100 feet away from their boat. The seal in question was a juvenile gray seal.

Just how many great white sharks are there in Cape Cod?

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has been monitoring the white shark population in Cape Cod since 2014. They document sightings to try and make heads or tails of the population and determine if it is growing or not.

Since 2014, they have identified over 600 of these sharks off Cape Cod. In 2022 alone, 55 new sharks were tracked and 63 sharks returned to The Cape.

The AWSC even has a logbook where that you can read through where all of the encounters are tracked.

Great whites feeding on seals off Cape Cod isn’t particularly rare, but it still shocks locals anytime it is seen in Cape Cod.