People Are Stunned By Footage Of A Great White Shark Brutally Attacking A Seal Off Cape Cod Beach

great white shark eats seal Cape Cod footage and reactions

iStockphoto / JZHunt

  • The typical ‘Shark Season’ in Cape Cod has ended but there are still active great white sharks in the area
  • One of these great white sharks was filmed brutally attacking and eating a seal just feet off of a Monomoy Island beach in Cape Cod and people are stunned by the footage
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Sharks are everywhere. If you are swimming in the ocean then it’s reasonable to say there is a shark nearby.

They also very, very, VERY rarely pose a threat to humans even when they’re around so just because we’re all here to watch this brutal footage of a great white shark devouring a seal in Cape Cod it doesn’t mean sharks pose a significant threat too swimmers. In fact, there were only 57 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide in 2020 and only 13 fatalities. The global population is 7,900,000,000 and there were only 13 fatalities and 57 unprovoked attacks. The odds of an attack are virtually nonexistent.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, this viral footage of a great white shark ambushing and eating a seal in Cape Cod is a little graphic. But you knew that already because you clicked to see a video about a shark eating a seal. Truth be told, it’s not as bad as some of the stuff you might see on YouTube but it’s right on par with what you’d expect to see on NatGeo during Shark Week.

Check it out:

Some reactions to the grisly footage include:

Here I was about to say that nobody in their right minds would go swimming in Cape Cod this time of year and then I see this tweet of someone who says they used to do the polar bear plunge there regularly.

That video really did take place close to shore but it’s 39 degrees in Cape Cod today so I don’t suspect there have been too many swimmers in the area lately.

An article on Live Science discusses how conservation efforts have led to healthier seal and shark populations in that area so great white shark sightings have been on the rise for quite some time. The article even says some of the great whites are swimming within just 10 feet of the shoreline.

Just be careful out there. Keep your head on a swivel if the water is dark and the visibility is poor. If there are seals in the water then you probably want to get out. The same can be said for huge schools of baitfish. If you see large schools of fish there are apex predators around. Just use common sense.