NERD ALERT: Yesterday’s Date Was The First Numeric Date Palindrome In 909 Years, And Why That Doesn’t Matter At All

Huge palindrome guy here. I used to subscribe to Cricket magazine for children. Started out with Ladybug but earned my stripes and moved up to Cricket. Lotta hard reading got me there. Best feature of Cricket was when they would print the palindromes. I’m gonna go from memory here, but this was the one that always stuck with me:

Mr. Owl ate my metal worm.

Shit reads the same way in both directions, spaces and punctuation be damned. Simpletons would throw racecar at you. Dog God, Hannah, Bob… kids were always so excited to throw the most basic palindromes into the blender when you started talking palindromes. And we talked palindromes a lot. But thanks to Cricket magazine, I always had the trump card.

Numbers don’t do much for me though. Apparently yesterday’s date was the same both ways. 02/02/2020. Whoopdeedooooo you know what else is a numeric palindrome? All those numbers you see from computer people. That 0001000101001000 bullshit. Binary code? If it’s not a palindrome, it’s close. And yet you don’t hear Steve Jobs bragging about how he built Apple to function in both directions. Probably because he passed.

For your toilet pleasure, some terrific palindromes:

-A Santa lived as a devil at NASA.

-Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to a new era?

-Some men interpret nine memos.

-Marge, let’s send a sadness telegram.