Florida Man Catches A Big Alligator Using Only A Trash Can

Florida Man catches alligator using trash can

iStockphoto / Dgwildlife

  • A Florida Man is going viral for catcing an alligator using nothing but a trash can
  • This gentleman from the Sunshine State manages to back the alligator into a corner, run it into the trash can, and flip the can to trap it
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As a Florida Man myself, the amount of Florida Man content that comes across my feed is astronomical.

Between Facebook groups, Twitter, and Instagram it feels like I’m inundated with a never-ending barrage of Florida Man news. Guys catching snakes by hand, sharks from the beach, and now dudes catching alligators with trash cans.

Based on what I can see in this video, it could’ve happened anywhere in Florida. That grass is crazy green (shout out TruGreen for keeping my lawn right!), my man’s wearing slides and socks, shorts and a tee, and the plants out front could be anywhere. But if I had to throw out a guess I’d say Central or Southwest Florida, maybe inland Tampa or the greater Orlando area.

What I do know about this video is ‘Florida Man’ has started trending in the immediate aftermath of this video hitting Twitter and Instagram. This dude catches an alligator using nothing but a trash can and his testicular fortitude.

This is the second wild alligator story in a week. Just a few days ago we brought you news of this behemoth alligator eating another smaller gator, and how cannibalism is apparently not uncommon in the alligator world.

That alligator must have been incredibly confused. It sees a human, which it might have seen before, but the human was attached to a large open-mouthed ‘animal’ that’s actually the trash can. And that ‘animal’ kept creeping closer and closer. The gator’s only choice was to charge. Then it was flipped upside and trapped in a hell hole that smelled of trash.

I’d love to know what happened next. Did Florida Man call 911 and say ‘hey y’all, we got a gator down here trapped in the can. Need you to come and get it.’ Or did they just wheel that can to the nearest pond and let the gator roam free?

It’s still alligator hunting season here in Florida (August 15 to November 1), for what it’s worth. You need a very specific permit to hunt alligators in Florida and everyone knows that but the gators are abundant this time of year, that’s all I’m saying.