VIDEO: Florida Woman Wearing Face Shield And Bikini Attacks Car, Steals Gas Cap And Sucks It

Viral video shows Florida woman attacking car, sucking on gas cap.

iStockphoto / RAUL RODRIGUEZ

Well, there’s a headline that I didn’t expect to write today when I woke up. But, the fantastical incident did go down in Florida, the place where literally anything can happen, where dreams go to die and the locale where the sun seemingly melts away any sense of prudent judgment.

The coronavirus pandemic has stressed out every single person, but most people put on a hollow smile and try to survive the year of our lord 2020. But there are some people who have let the ‘rona get them down, such as this Florida woman who is out in the streets of Riviera Beach straight-up attacking cars.

The woman is seen wearing a bright pink bikini and a face shield as she stands in the middle of a major highway. She could be holding a large sign in the middle of the road. For some reason, she is not a fan of the young man stopped at the traffic light. She violently attacks the vehicle with some kind of stick, and the driver got his window rolled up in the nick of time because in another second he would have been clobbered, as reported by the Daily Caller.

She appears to have stolen the gas cap from the vehicle, and apparently pilfering the gas cap wasn’t enough. The viral video uploaded by Only In Florida, which specializes in sharing bizarre occurrences in the Sunshine State, shows the woman sucking on the gas cap. But…why? It isn’t a small lick, she is making oral love to the gas cap. But…why?

Strange enough, the woman is wearing a huge face shield (which is inefficaciously above her face) and has a face mask (which is inefficaciously below her face) to protect her against coronavirus, is happy to ingest gasoline. What if this woman discovers a never-tried-before remedy for COVID?

God bless you Florida, never change, ever.