This Is The Formula For The Perfect Movie According To Cinema-Goers — Agree Or Disagree?

Formula For The Perfect Movie Study


Listen up Hollywood! The people who actually go to cinemas have spoken and determined the formula for the perfect movie so take notes.

According to new research, commissioned by Cineworld, the perfect film features two car chases, three fight scenes, two twists, two romantic moments, two villains and be exactly two hours long.

Movie lovers also expect the lead character to be introduced after the supporting characters and have a soundtrack inspired by the compositions in Pulp Fiction.

Stuart Crane, Head of Film at Cineworld said, “Awards season is always an exciting time and this year we are spoiled for choice when it comes to film selection.”

The study of 2,000 adults also revealed that the perfect movie would also be directed by Steven Spielberg. Four in 10 agreed the perfect movie has both a male and female lead, with celebrated actor, Tom Hanks, playing alongside the highly acclaimed actress, Meryl Streep, in the starring roles.

Other hot contenders to take on the starring roles were Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey. Star of GoldenEye, Dame Judi Dench and Tom Hardy would be the ideal in the supporting roles.

At the movie’s end, most would prefer to see a neatly resolved finale where everything comes to a tidy finish, but one tenth of respondents prefer to be left with some questions unanswered, so they can make their own conclusions.

From a comprehensive list of movies, Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic The Godfather was chosen as closest fitting the formula for the perfect movie.

Eight in 10 believe an engaging plot is the single most essential part of a perfect film, while amazing costume design is key for one quarter of the population.

Interestingly, an award-winning director is deemed more important than an award-winning lead actor. And a third of respondents are looking for a killer soundtrack with an original composition.

All the elements of the perfect award-winning film…
• An engaging plot
• A drama
• Two villains
• Directed by Steven Spielberg
• Tom Hanks as the male lead
• Meryl Streep as the female lead
• Tom Hardy and Judi Dench as the supporting actors
• Two plot twists
• It should feature a hero AND a heroine
• Two romantic moments
• Three fight scenes
• Two car chases
• Two hours long
• A resolved ending where everything is concluded
• A soundtrack inspired by Pulp Fiction’s soundtrack

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