Study: Overwhelming Percentage Of American Workers Want A Four-Day Work Week


  • A new study has revealed that an overwhelming percentage of American workers support a four-day workweek.
  • The study, conducted by Goodhire, found that 83% of people want a three-day weekend.
  • Strangely, Gen Z was the least interested (76%) in a four-day workweek.

My first job out of college was far, far worse than this one. In the grand scheme of “first jobs”, it was actually quite solid, but in comparison to what I do now, it was a nightmare. Nevertheless, one of the perks of that first gig was the fact that I convinced my bosses to let me work four, 10-hour workdays as opposed to five, 8-hour workdays. And it was glorious. Life is simply better with the three-day weekend: you have one day to run errands, one day to cut loose, and one day to decompress and relax ahead of the fresh week.

In the years since my first gig outta school (obligatory shoutout to Rutgers University!), the four-day workweek has become increasingly popular, with a new study revealing that 83% of workers are in favor of the idea.

Of the 4,000 full-time workers surveyed by Goodhire, a study evenly divided into each “working generation,” consisting of Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers, 83 percent were in favor of working four days per week. Gen Z was the least interested (76 percent) in the idea, but were ironically the least satisfied of the four groups with their work-life balance at 69 percent.

While Millennials were the most satisfied with their work-life balance, this age group was also the most receptive to a four-day workweek at 90 percent. [via Complex]

While the pandemic was obviously a nightmare for the entirety of humanity, one of the positives to come out of it is that it delivered a virtual death blow to the 9-to-5, commuting to an office five-days-a-week status quo.

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