5 Reasons Why A Hot Sauce Subscription Box Rules

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If there’s one food accessory that guys love, it’s hot sauce. Sure, we all have different opinions about the heat levels we prefer dousing our food in, but I think we can all agree that sprinkling at least a little bit of the fiery stuff is critical when it comes to adding flavor on dishes.

And, assuming you’re like me — who isn’t shy when it comes to using hot sauce on nearly everything — you need to get yourself a Fuego Box subscription STAT. Why? Because the service is designed with those men in mind who love it mild, hot or extra spicy, offering the most unique hot sauces known to man.

Get $10 off a subscription when you sign-up through the BroBible link


Since FuegoBox knows that not all hot sauce lovers are created equal, they’ve put together three different subscription levels and prices to keep you in charge of what you really want, as well as how frequently you want new options to show up at your door. So ask yourself this: How daring are you when it comes to your hot sauce?

Oh, and then there’s this: Fuego Box is offering $10 off a subscription + free shipping on all orders of six bottles or more when you sign-up with the code BRO10, so you can stash up on all the liquid heat you can imagine without making a major dent to your bank account.

Get $10 off a subscription when you sign-up through the BroBible link


For those who still might have some questions about why Fuego Box should be a necessary part of your life, here are five simple reasons why always being fully stocked with hot sauce is important in a man’s life; especially when it’s the fall season.

1. Your Chili Could Use A Little Spice

It’s prime chili season now that the weather’s going from sunny and warm to gray and colder. That means you need to add a little extra heat to the crock pot the next time you’re stirring that good stuff. Toss in some meat, veggies and top it off with your favorite hot sauce, offering a variety of heat ranges for those enjoying with you.

2. You’re Not Quite Done BBQing Just Yet

Uh, yeah, just because summer’s gone doesn’t mean you won’t be firing up the grill, right? Whether it’s tailgating before games or just cooking some meat and/or veggies whenever you feel like it, adding hot sauce to your recipes is a must for maximum flavor.

3. Hot Sauce Makes The Perfect Bro Gift

We’re slowly getting into wedding and holiday season, and, rather than gift a brother, friend or colleague the same old crap, try passing out rare hot sauces that FuegoBox hooks you up with in a subscription. Sure, you’ll want to keep them all for yourself, but, hey, sharing is caring.

4. You Can Finally Figure Out Your Own Heat Index

When it comes to hot sauce, I’m sort of middle of the road on the heat index. That means I like it hot, just not too hot where I can’t feel my face or mouth, and I’m dripping sweat just sitting there. If something adds some spicy flavor, though, I’m all for it — which is why trying a bunch of Fuego Box hot sauces will find the sweet spot on your favorite spiciness.

5. Hot Sauce Is Perfect For Any Meal

As if you didn’t already know this. From chicken to steak to veggies to soups to salads to eggs and beyond, hot sauce makes a meal complete. This probably shouldn’t even be a reason to list, but it’s still alarming at how many buddies of mine refuse to ask for hot sauce for nearly every meal.

See, why wouldn’t you want to get Fuego Box after all those reasons, among others? It just seems… right, doesn’t it? And remember: you get $10 off a subscription when you sign-up through the BroBible link, so don’t wait around until your cupboard’s empty and you’re looking for those basic sauces in the grocery store. You deserve better.

Get $10 off a subscription when you sign-up through the BroBible link


Get $10 off a subscription when you sign-up through the BroBible link


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