25 Funny-As-Hell Tweets And Memes From Dads This Week

best dad tweets 7-2

Twitter / @wtfdad

It’s July 4th weekend. Normally, we’d all be having a hell of a time.

But, you know, fucking Covid.

People everywhere are miserable but we can’t be miserable together.

For example, all of the dads in this round-up of funny tweets and memes sounds like a fun hang.

But nope, we’re all stuck in our own backyards with hoses down our pants or staying 6 feet away in public places and bars are closed and the virus is washing over all of us again and this all sucks my grandpa’s left nut.

Not his sturdy, robust nut. The saggy left one with the stray ball hairs that make it look like he’s wearing some type of nut toupee.

Anyway, enjoy these tweets and memes and have a good laugh and let’s all have a virtual Zoom beer at some point this weekend.

I’ll send the group invite.

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This is one of the best dad stories ever.

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just get me out of my house please

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fAmmoly portrait

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Strong as hell

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