People Started Sharing The Most Legendary Tweets That Have Made Them Laugh And My Gawd They’re Good

laughing at phone

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I don’t know about you gentlemen, but lately I have been feeling like the 24/7/365 political news cycle has killed all of the fun on the Internet in ways that we’ve never seen before. It’s hard to watch a funny YouTube clip without a ‘suggested video’ popping up on the right rail on some obnoxious topic. You can’t spend five minutes on Twitter or Facebook without seeing some jackass sounding off about complete bullshit.

Thankfully, there are still pockets of the Internet that are 100% about entertainment. One of those was a recent Twitter thread from user @FishBowlOfWine who asked people to share a random tweet they remember that caused them to laugh.

This tweet thread BLEW UP with people sharing some of the most legendary jokes in the history of Twitter and I thought since the weekend is upon us and with a holiday next week, we should just kick back, relax, and laugh at some fucking jokes today instead of getting outraged on the Internet. Cool? Cool. By the way, you can always find me on Twitter at @casspa.

Let’s dive in:

Cher really is just an old ass woman yelling on Twitter sometimes. She’d be excellent at Facebook.

New Relationship? Feeling jealous?


I don’t know who out there needs to see this last one but it really feels like it needs to be shared:

These tweets keep going on and on. If we’re being 100% honest here, this thread didn’t include ANY of my all-time favorite tweets but that’s what I found refreshing about it. I hate seeing the same shit retweeted over and over every year like it’s new.

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