Leaked ‘Game Of Thrones’ Filming Details Could Confirm Some Truly Epic Battles For Season 8


It’s hard to believe that there’s only ONE season of HBO’s Game of Thrones left. It has been one of the most critically and commercially successful TV series ever produced. We’ll have to wait longer than usual for the 8th and final season, but the juice will be worth the squeeze.

The Game of Thrones fan website ‘WatchersontheWall’ has been doing some next level stalking when it comes to filming locations and the construction of those filming sets. There are some *potential spoilers ahead*. It’s all speculation, but they’re making fairly educated guesses here so if it all plays out as it appears to be then we’re in for some epic battles in Season 8.

Over on ‘WatchersontheWall’ they’ve managed to secure some pictures of the Winterfell filming set, and in those pics, we can see that the castle appears to be covered in snow and there has been a moat/barrier constructed around the outside of the castle. What does this mean? White Walkers are coming to Winterfell for a Battle Royalé. At least that’s what most experts take this to mean.

The other filming location appears to be a street in King’s Landing that’s constructed to controlled fire tests. This has led the experts to believe that there will be dragons coming to King’s Landing to burn down the entire city. Daenerys setting King’s Landing to fire? Hell yes that’s going to be awesome.

For pictures and details of these sets, you can click here to visit ‘WacthersontheWall’.

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