Everybody Stop Having Babies Because This Is The Greatest Gender Reveal Video Of All-Time


Gender reveal videos have become as essential to a healthy pregnancy as not smoking crack. I’ve had my gripes with these videos in the past, but they really do run you through the gamut of emotions–anticipation, surprise, and the raw, unfiltered reaction of a mom-and-dad-to-be whose happiness or disappointment (or a little bit of both) is written all over their faces.

I was lucky to come across the hypest gender reveal video to date that should be nominated for some sort of Kid’s Choice Award.

Check it out in all its glory below.

A giant baby doing the hype dance from Fortnite for the win! You know how they say after you have sex on ecstasy, you can never have sex again? That’s how I feel about gender reveal videos after see this.

I’m done with them.

Ok, I lied. I love me a good fail video.

Carry on my friends.