This Woman’s Story Of A German Sauna Trip Turning Into The Most Embarrassing Experience Of Her Life Is Simply Delightful

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Now seems like a perfectly good time to shut out everything that’s on your mind and laugh at this enjoyable story shared by a woman who visited a sauna in Germany a few years ago and her relaxing spa experience quickly devolved into the most embarrassing moment of her life.

A woman named Anbara Salam took to Twitter to share her story of going to the German spa and getting locked out naked and having to walk through public wearing nothing with people crowded around her, all when she thought she’d be chilling in the sauna. I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere about life’s capacity to throw you curveballs but I won’t dig too deep.

Check it out:

She went on to confirm that this is a 100% real story and that it’s taken her nearly 10 years to laugh at it.

Sadly, I can relate. I found myself sleepwalking, naked, and locked out of my apartment the night Eli Manning and the Giants beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I was forced to fashion myself some trousers out of two 24-packs of Bud Heavy that I’d thrown out earlier that night and bang on my door until my blacked-out roommates eventually emerged to open the door at least an hour later.

Also, did I mention that I woke up from sleepwalking because I fell into the stairs and I cut myself so I was naked, bleeding down the right side of my body, covering my junk with Budweiser boxes, and trying desperately to wake my roommates up. Great time. I feel for her. Though my situation was entirely my own doing. I should’ve worn clothes to bed and locked myself inside somehow. I would’ve made it back into my apartment sooner but one of my roommates thought there was an axe murderer at the door and was too afraid to look through the keyhole. Eventually, he woke up another roommate who started laughing uncontrollably as he looked through the keyhole and saw me standing there, naked and bleeding, holding beer boxes. Then we all went to sleep.

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