The Photos And Footage Of The Wildfire Sweeping Across Los Angeles Are Absolutely Unreal

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I feel confident in saying I’ve watched the cinematic classic that is 2003’s The Italian Job more than any other human on this planet, and in that film, a large Samoan man reminds Mark Wahlberg there are three things in the world you don’t mess with: Mother Nature, mother-in-laws, and motherfreaking Ukrainians.

Last week, hundreds of thousands of people in California recently got a reminder of why you don’t mess with the first entry on that list in the form of the Kincade Fire, which is currently sweeping across the northern part of the state as firefighters do everything in their power to extinguish it.

Now, people a bit farther south are dealing with another force to be reckoned with in the form of the Getty Fire, which was sparked on Monday morning in Los Angeles and has consumed more than 500 acres and counting as people—including Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James—flee the area in increasing numbers.

Plenty of people have posted photos and videos of the fire as it continues to rage, and as you’ll soon see, there’s a reason officials are encouraging people to do whatever they can to evacuate.

It should go without saying that anyone in the surrounding area should do everything in their power to get the hell out of there, as it doesn’t appear it’s going to be extinguished at any point in the near future.

Stay safe, everyone.

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