The Giant Deadly Robot Fight Between USA And Japan FINALLY Took Place Last Night And It Was Awesome!

After over YEARS of hype, the USA vs Japan giant deadly robot battle FINALLY took place last night. It all started when MegaBots, Inc. issued a challenge to Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry that they wanted a robot fight. MegaBots had built a badass robot named Iron Glory (MK2) and was ready to take on Suidobashi’s giant deadly Kuratas robot.

So the challenge was issued and the two robotics companies went about perfecting their robots for battle and handling the logistics. There were countless obstacles along the way. MegaBots actually ended up building an entirely new robot, the Eagle Prime, to fight Kuratas. This meant that fans were treated to not one but TWO giant deadly robot battles last night because Japan’s Kuratas fought both. There were also lots of issues with the venue. It was hard to pin down a proper location for this giant deadly robot battle without fans swarming the location and/or getting the proper permits.

Full footage of the robot fight is below, but here are the technical specs on the three giant deadly robots which fought last night:

Last night, the world watched on in amazement on Twitch as MegaBots’ Eagle Prime and MK2 squared off against Suidobashi’s Kuratas robot. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’ll tell you there’s a long build-up to the two matches in the video below. I’d suggest watching the full video, but if you want to jump straight to the action the first fight (the lame fight) takes place just after the 8-minute mark, and the better fight between Eagle Prime and Kuratas begins around the 12:30 mark:

I first wrote about MegaBots, Inc challenging Japan to a giant deadly robot fight in July of 2015. It was hard to stay super hyped overtime when the fight seemed like it was never coming, but the light at the end of the tunnel always seemed so close. We were finally treated to the giant deadly robot fight last night and while Team USA lost the first match the dominated the second fight with Eagle Prime. Once the fight was set to take place, MegaBots realized they needed to improve their robot and that’s when Eagle Prime was born. Adjust and improve. That’s all it took to whoop some Japan robot ass.