Internet Reacts To ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ With Memes As Electric As The Battle Itself

godzilla vs kong memes

Warner Bros/HBO Max

Seven months ago, while the United States and the rest of the globe were still at the height of the pandemic, Warner Bros. — likely largely influenced by Christopher Nolan — decided to release Tenet in theaters. I live in New Jersey, so I was actually able to see Tenet at our local spot. There was only one other dude in the theater with me, and honestly, it was a pleasant experience, but unfortunately for both studios and movie theaters, my anecdote isn’t the point. The point is that not enough people decided to, or were allowed to, head to theaters to see Tenet, denying Nolan of his dream of saving the movie theater business.

Instead, as fate would have it, it appears Godzilla vs. Kong, a.k.a. Thicc Lizard vs. Big Monke, a.k.a. the fourth film in Warner Bros’ “MonsterVerse”, is the movie that’s going to claim the mantle of theater-saving-king, as it already set an overseas box-office record during the pandemic ($121 million opening weekend) and will screen in more than 3,000 North American locations, which is more than any other pandemic-era release.

All that said, while Godzilla vs. Kong seems to mark the *beginning* of the return of movie theaters, the fact remains that Warner Bros. is still releasing most of their 2021 slate on HBO Max that same day, which leaves Twitter as the internet’s living room, where everyone can get together and talk about, but mostly joke about, what they’ve just seen: two hours of Thicc Lizards vs. Big Monke.


‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is now playing in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Mac.

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