‘Good Samaritan’ Uses His Jiu Jitsu Training To Subdue A Kidnapper, Kinda

This video was posted in the New York Post this morning under the headline “Good Samaritan uses martial arts training to thwart attempted NYC kidnapping” (NY Post). Seemed like a pretty fun video, right? I’m a huge sucker for “messed with the wrong guy” videos. Anything where some dude thinks he’s tough and pushes the scrawny, nerdy kid, only to find himself tied up like a balloon knot because the nerdy kid is actually the heir apparent to Royce Gracie himself.

Except when you watch the video on the New York Post article, the tattooed Jiu Jitsu guy admits that the “kidnapper” actually has “mental issues,” that he needed help, and that he was ultimately sent to a hospital.

Hmm. Whelp, that definitely makes you see it a little differently. Watching it again, it’s a little more… beating up the developmentally disabled guy.

Now, to our black belt’s credit, he didn’t choke him out, throw him in an arm-bar, or initiate any sort of ground-and-pound. He mostly just turned himself into a human weight vest and cradled the guy for half an hour. If you’ve ever tried to squeeze your legs around something for half an hour—a person, an oak tree, etc.—you know how exhausting it is. Congrats pal, you earned yourself a cheeseburger tonight. Or some cauliflower mac ‘n cheese. Seems like that’s probably his cheat day meal.

PS- hey blue shirt, way to look alive. Sitting on the guy’s legs once the martial artist already has him under control? You were definitely the kid in biology who pulled his weight on group lab reports. Definitely a meaningful contributor.