Google Is Reportedly Working On Subscription-Based Gaming Streaming Service Codenamed ‘Yeti’

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There is a report that says Google is working on a new subscription-based gaming streaming service. Google has already infiltrated seemingly every other part of your life, now they are reportedly attempting to get into the extremely lucrative video game industry which is valued at $109 billion. The secret project is codenamed “Yeti,” and there are rumors that Google could make their own gaming console.

Subscription-based technology industry website The Information made the eye-opening revelations of Google entering the gaming market on Wednesday. The report claims that Google is working on project Yeti and it would be modeled after streaming services such as PlayStation Now or Xbox Game Pass. Users would pay a monthly subscription fee to garner access to a library of titles.

The Information reports that Google may use Chromecasts as a delivery device or may create a new Google-made gaming console. Project Yeti is reportedly led by Mario Queiroz, Google’s VP of product management, and Majd Bakar, Google’s VP of engineering. Both men have experience in developing hardware, which lends to the idea that Google will make their own gaming console. Another hint that Google will make their own console is that they hired gaming industry stalwart Phil Harrison. He has an impressive resume that includes 15 years as head of Sony’s network of game studios and a senior member of Microsoft’s Xbox team. He has also been an adviser to Gaikai and Atari. A Google gaming console and subscription-based streaming service would certainly help the company expand their already massive entertainment portfolio that includes YouTube and Google Play’s Android store. This could even open the door for YouTube Gaming to eventually challenge Twitch.


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