These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Celebs To Google In 2017 So Browsers Beware

I think we’ve all been using the World Wide Web long enough to realize that there are some really shady people out there. They type of jabronis who only care about making lives miserable for everyday folks like ourselves by stealing data and/or spreading malicious code and viruses.

These shit heads create hordes of websites built around popular Google search words, and these websites only exist to infect our computers with bullshit. The most popular genre of these website types is probably ‘Celebrities’. People who spend their lives obsessed with Hollywood’s glitterati tend to be the same type of people who aren’t very discerning when it comes to where they get their news. BeyonceFakeButtPicsdotcom is the same to them as E! News and TMZ, they really don’t care. You bros are different. You recognize the difference between quality editorial and a flaming paper bag full of cat shit.

With that said, I still want you bros to be safe out there. These are the 10 most dangerous celebrities to Google in 2017. Beware when typing these names into the search bar:

#10: Beyoncé
#9. Katy Perry
#8. Diddy
#7. Justin Bieber
#6. Calvin Harris
#5. Celine Dion
#4. Zayn Malik
#3. Carly Rae Jepsen
#2. Bruno Mars
#1. Avril Lavigne

First off, who in the fuck is Googleing ‘Carly Rae Jepsen’ and/or ‘Avril Lavigne’ in 2017? These are two of the most irrelevant celebrities on the planet right now. Which, I guess makes sense. Google isn’t actively monitoring websites about these celebs because nobody really gives a shit about them.

For the sake of comparison, to see how drastically these rankings change year over year, here’s what the list of ‘Most Dangerous Celebrities on the Internet‘ looked like in 2016:

#10. Kesha
#9. Selena Gomez
#8. Daniel Tosh
#7. Chris Hardwick
#6. Miley Cyrus
#5. Rihanna
#4. Will Smith
#3. Carson Daly
#2. Justin Bieber
#1. Amy Schumer

Again, I find myself wondering who in the shit is Googling some of these celebs? Why would anyone in 2016 be searching for Chris Hardwick and/or Carson Daly? Why???