Want To Avoid Getting A Computer Virus? These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Celebrities To Search In 2016

The quickest way to get a computer virus is to go searching for *possibly* NSFW news or pictures of the biggest celebrities in the world. The number of shady ass celebrity websites out there on the web are too many to count, and each year they account for more computer viruses than any other vertical of content.

As they do each year, Intel/McAfee has released their ‘most dangerous celebrities list‘ of the 10 names everyone should avoid searching on the web if they want to avoid coming in contact with potentially nefarious computer viruses. Unlike last year’s list which saw male celebs in 4 of the top 5 posts this year’s #1 most dangerous celebrity to search is a woman (Amy Schumer), and Rihanna rounds out #5 putting the ladies in 2 of the top 5 spots.

2016’s Most Dangerous Celebrities List (Avoid Searching These Celebs)

Position Celebrity Percentage
1 Amy Schumer 16.11%
2 Justin Bieber 15.00%
3 Carson Daly 13.44%
4 Will Smith 13.44%
5 Rihanna 13.33%
6 Miley Cyrus 12.67%
7 Chris Hardwick 12.56%
8 Daniel Tosh 11.56%
9 Selena Gomez 11.11%
10 Kesha 11.11%

To be honest, I’m pretty shocked that Jennifer Lawrence‘s name isn’t in the top 10. Has she really fallen out of public favor so much that people aren’t searching her anymore?

via Intel’s Newsroom:

Crowded with Comedians

Kicking off her world tour this fall, comedian Amy Schumer tops the list as the Most Dangerous Celebrity – coming in at No. 1. Chris Hardwick (No. 7) of “Funcomfortable” fame and Daniel Tosh (No. 8) were also among the top 10, while Nikki Glaser (No. 15) and Kevin Hart (No. 25) made the top 25. Other funny females to make the list include: Grace Helbig (No. 26), Mindy Kaling (No. 30), Kristen Wiig (No. 52), Chelsea Handler (No. 54) and Ellen DeGeneres (No. 57).

Musicians Top the Charts

This year’s riskiest celebrities included some of the most sensational, chart-topping pop artists such as Justin Bieber (No. 2), Rihanna (No. 5), Miley Cyrus (No. 6), Selena Gomez (No. 9) and Kesha (10). Pop, rap, hip-hop and a bit of country were represented by Drake (No. 13), Katy Perry (No. 14), Jason Aldean (No. 16), Justin Timberlake (No. 17), Jennifer Lopez (No. 18), Lady Gaga (No. 19), Nicki Minaj (No. 20), Iggy Azalea (No. 27), Beyoncé (No. 28) and Usher (No. 29) as they rounded out the top 30.

This is all a bit strange, isn’t it? To a certain degree, a celebrity’s level of fame can be measured by whether or not they’re on this list. If a celebrity is no longer popular and people aren’t searching them then cybercriminals aren’t going to waste the time creating virus-filled websites for those celebs. So unless a celeb sees his/her name on that list they can probably assume they’re no longer relevant…and that’s rather bizarre.

Anyways, to see the rest of the list and more on these 2016 ‘Most Dangerous Celebrities’ list you can CLICK HERE to head on over to Intel’s press release.